just playing: megan, sal & shelby

Megan and I used to work together and I was ecstatic when she contacted me about doing a photo shoot with her, her boyfriend Sal and his totally adorable 18-month old daughter, Shelby.

Though she was a bit hesitant and shy at first, she has a blast on the playground and would gladly pose for the camera if the right incentive were offered (particularly snacks!).

It was so touching when I sent these images to Megan and Sal for a sneak peek and they told me they were actually teary-eyed looking at them! While they may not bring tears to your eyes, I’m sure you won’t be able to get enough of Shelby’s cuteness!

Love. this. shot. Period.

Thanks Megan, Sal and Shelby for letting me follow you around for an hour – I never knew how exhausting chasing an 18-month old could be! I’m so glad you love these shots and I know you’ll be so excited to share them with all of your family and friends!


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