About KatieJ

Meet the Photographer behind KatieJ Photography

I fell in love with photography when I was in junior high, and took classes in black and white film photography during high school and college, converting to digital (wow, am I really old enough to be saying this?) during my senior year of college. I continued to enrich my photography skills through community college classes while I was teaching high school graphic arts, which included teaching photography (it’s amazing how much you really do learn by teaching others!)

My main passion in photography used to be nature and architecture, evidenced by the two art shows I did, one of French architecture from my two-week study abroad trip to France and one of nature scenes in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park. However, as I have matured, both as a person and a photographer, I have discovered the joy of photographing people, especially the many children who have become part of my life recently, and important milestones, such as weddings and birthdays, which is why I started KatieJ Photography.

I know how special and important life’s milestones are and I love being able to capture those moments so they can be remembered and shared for many years to come. My style is “photojournalistic,” which means I strive to tell a story with my images. Though I tend to blend into the background so you sometimes don’t even know I’m there, it that allows me to capture the true action and emotion of the moment – not the smile and “say cheese” moments. I capture the authentic moments, the ones that will bring you back to that exact spot and you experience those feelings all over again, just from looking at the photos 5, 10, or even 50 years from now.


I’m a California girl – born and raised – happily married to my transplanted East Coast husband since October 2009. We have one daughter, Sarah and we share our home with our 3 cats, Sierra, Ande and Gawain.  I enjoy photography, graphic design, digital scrapbooking, watching football and NASCAR, listening to country music, volunteering at Awana at our church, and spending time with family.